Qualified Insurance Leads

Qualified insurance leads are an integral part of success for any agent. While existing customers are important, for a business to grow and prosper it requires new blood to be fed into it and that’s why these qualified insurance leads are so important.Whether you require auto insurance leads, life insurance leads, health care leads, or any other type of insurance lead how you go about getting those qualified leads can mean the difference between profits and losses.The first area you should focus on is referral generation. Referrals are the most qualified leads you will get, and therefore requires your attention. Create a marketing system specifically around referral generation. Use a newsletter and direct mail to get referrals calling you. The second area to test is display advertising in your local newspapers and magazines. Use effective headlines to grab reader’s attention like:Here’s How To Save 25% Or More On Your Auto Insurance!10 Ways To Slash Your Health Insurance Premiums!What You Don’t Know About Long Term Care Insurance May Cost You Thousands!Offer a free guide or report, even a video, in addition to a free direct access for free information.The internet offers a variety of marketing techniques to help you obtain qualified insurance leads. Banners and links were one of the first marketing tools online. Traffic banners as well as links can generated a noticeable amount of quality insurance leads. So never overlook the power of this type of marketing.The key here is to have well designed website that is totally focused on generating leads. Not just offering information. Always focus your traffic to a landing page or resource box that asks them to give you their contact information in exchange for something of value as described above for offline display adverting.PPC or pay per click advertising is available on the major search engines. With PPC ads you will select your keywords or terms and bid the amount you are willing to pay for each visitor (also referred to as the click) that visits your site. The highest bid amount and the ad with the highest click through rate for that keyword phrase will get the top spot, among other things.The reason PPC marketing campaigns can be so good is because they have already targeted the lead when they click your link, thereby bringing qualified insurance leads. That said you need to use a bit of caution because you can blow through a budget in very little time.Google AdWords is the mother of all PPC search engines and you should start there.PPC is amazing because if provides you with instant traffic. In addition, you can select the exact areas you want to target. For example, you can select a geographic area, or you can select individual zip codes.You should be testing PPC advertising right now. It’s very effective for generating qualified insurance leads.In addition to PPC, you should also have your website optimized for free traffic. Contact a qualified Search Engine Optimization company or do it yourself using software that is readily available online.Employing the help of a lead service company can be one of the smartest ways to maximize your budget and your quality insurance links. Every lead you receive will be a targeted, genuine lead. The lead service does all the legwork to bring in the right type of traffic. The good lead services pass on any request for a quote instantly and that means you have an excellent lead in your hot little hands and now it’s your turn to your job converting that lead to a new client.The lead services offered do vary so do your homework and match services to your needs. Also be sure to read each company’s definition of real time leads because it can vary from instantly to a couple of days.It’s time to grow your business and the best way to do that is with new qualified insurance leads. With so many marketing tools at your fingertips you have plenty of options.